Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott is a strategic thinker who loves working with organizations to bring solutions to complex strategic, legal, financial and organizational problems. With a background in law, finance, strategy and management, he brings a wide set of skills to the clients he serves. Matt has an ability to draw a team together and get the best out of his people. He also has extensive experience in leadership development, facilitation, training and executive coaching.

Developing Your Grit and Resilience (In-Person)

April 16th (Thursday) from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Course Description...  What role do Grit and Resilience play in Non-Profit Leadership?  From our studies and experience we would say a great deal.  We all know the extreme challenges we face with non-profit leadership – decreasing budgets, challenges to maintaining top talent, emotionally taxing world-changing causes, high turnover and high burnout.  These are just a few of the challenges that we as non-profit leaders face on a daily basis.  So, what do we have to rely on to help us carry on each and everyday?  Enter Grit and Resilience.  These two factors have been identified in many leaders and top performers and contribute more to performance than raw talent.  Grit is a measure of passion and performance for long term goals.  Grit is getting up off the mat, grit is going into work each and every day (and sometimes every night), grit is never eating the marshmallow.  In this class we will examine the role of grit in our lives as non-profit leaders and what it has to remind and encourage us about our role and model for leaders of our organization and our people.    

Who Should Attend

Nonprofit Management Program participants and nonprofit professionals/staff seeking to better understand and develop their own grit and resilience.

You will Learn

1. Identify and define grit and resilience 

2. Equip you with tools to identify grit in yourselfyour non-profit team and stakeholders 

3. Develop a proactive plan to cultivate grit in your people 

4. Work grit and resilience into the culture of your organization 

5. Develop grit as a characteristic for which you hire (and fire) 

6. Learn to celebrate grit in your stories and make it a part of your non-profit’s identity 

7. Become grittier leaders and grittier organizations – always get up off the mat! 


Key Information

1. This class will be held April 16th from 9am to 12:30pm. 

2. Refreshments will be offered during class. 

3. If you are a member of the San Antonio Area Foundation, cost of this class is discounted 25%. Please reach out to [email protected] for coupon before registration. 

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